Updated 1 minutes ago at 23:34. Times below in UTC, UTC now is 23:35
Zero Wind. Runway 24 has No Cross Wind
Humidity 94%. Calculated Cloud Base 520 feet. No Rain.
Theoretical Runway24
Cross Wind (RW 24)0kts0
Today Max12.2ktsat 01:10 UTC
10 Min Average0kts
Temperature & Humidity
Dew Point0.6°C
- Today Min1.9°Cat 23:35 UTC
- Today Max8.7°Cat 13:05 UTC
- Today Max9%at 14:20 UTC
Barometric Pressure
QFE1008 hPa
- Today Min1003 hPaat 00:00 UTC
- Today Max1010 hPaat 08:35 UTC
QNH1010 hPa
- Today Min1005 hPaat 00:00 UTC
- Today Max1012 hPaat 08:35 UTC
TrendFalling Slowly
Rain & Cloud Base
- All Day0mm
- Storm0mm
- Month0mm
- Year0mm
Calc Cloud Base520ftAGL
Sunrise & Sunset
Sun Rise07:35Local
Sun Set15:59Local
Time Now23:35Local
VFR Day Starts07:05Local
VFR Day Ends16:29Local
VFR Day Length9:24

The theoretical runway and all other weather data shown MUST NOT be used for planning purposes.All pilots must satisfy themselves of the correct runway and suitability of the weather, before attempting to land or take off.Cloud base is calculated from temperature & dew point.

Custom Graphics & Calculations by Carl Meek carlmeek@gmail.com. Data collected from Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station.